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Q Code voor 27MC

Hoe gebruik je CB radio (27 MC)?
On the CB there are several terms used. Most are used on 27MHz CB. Only some 10 codes are used on UHF. The following codes are commonly used.
Hier is een lijst van alle CB codes.
· 10-1- Receiving Poorly
· 10-2- Receiving Well
· 10-3- Stop Transmitting
· 10-4- Ok, Message Received
· 10-5- Relay Message
· 10-6- Busy, Stand By
· 10-7- Out of Service, Leaving Air
· 10-8- In Service, subject to call
· 10-9- Repeat Message
· 10-10- Transmission Completed, Standing By
· 10-11- Talking too Rapidly
· 10-12- Visitors Present
· 10-13- Advise weather/road conditions
· 10-16- Make Pickup at…
· 10-17- Urgent Business
· 10-18- Anything for us?
· 10-19- Nothing for you, return to base
· 10-20- My Location is ……… or What’s your Location?
· 10-21- Call by Telephone
· 10-22- Report in Person too ……
· 10-23- Stand by
· 10-24- Completed last assignment
· 10-25- Can you Contact …….
· 10-26- Disregard Last Information/Cancel Last Message/Ignore
· 10-27- I am moving to Channel ……
· 10-28- Identify your station
· 10-29- Time is up for contact
· 10-30- Does not conform to FCC Rules
· 10-32- I will give you a radio check
· 10-33- Emergency Traffic at this station
· 10-34- Trouble at this station, help needed
· 10-35- Confidential Information
· 10-36- Correct Time is ………
· 10-38- Ambulance needed at ………
· 10-39- Your message delivered
· 10-41- Please tune to channel ……..
· 10-42- Traffic Accident at ……….
· 10-43- Traffic tieup at ………
· 10-44- I have a message for you (or ………)
· 10-45- All units within range please report
· 10-50- Break Channel
· 10-62- Unable to copy, use phone
· 10-62sl- unable to copy on AM, use Sideband – Lower (not an official code)
· 10-62su- unable to copy on AM, use Sideband – Upper (not an official code)
· 10-65- Awaiting your next message/assignment
· 10-67- All units comply
· 10-70- Fire at …….
· 10-73- Speed Trap at …………
· 10-75 -You are causing interference
· 10-77 -Negative Contact
· 10-84 -My telephone number is ………
· 10-85 -My address is ………..
· 10-91 -Talk closer to the Mike
· 10-92 -Your transmitter is out of adjustment
· 10-93 -Check my frequency on this channel
· 10-94 -Please give me a long count
· 10-95 -Transmit dead carrier for 5 sec.
· 10-99 -Mission completed, all units secure
· 10-100 – Need to go to Bathroom
· 10-200 – Police needed at ……….
Q-codes are used in many kinds of radio communications, including CB sideband but not typically on CB AM. (If your radio doesn’t have sideband, don’t worry about Q-codes.) Q-codes originated with amateur radio but their use in CB, even more so than 10-codes, can vary depending on who published the list.
The following is an abbreviated list of Q-codes borrowed from amateur radio:
· QRM-man made noise, adjacent channel interference
· QRN-static noise
· QRO-increase power
· QRP-reduce power
· QRT-shut down, clear
· QSL-confirmation, often refers to confirmation cards exchanged by hams
· QSO-conversation
· QSX-standing by on the side
· QSY-move to another frequency
· QTH-address, location
Possible uses of the codes:
On SSB it sometimes becomes difficult to understand skip stations or low down stations, but on AM it isn’t. So when radio communications started up they invented the Phonetic alphabet.
A.. Alpha
B.. Bravo
C.. Charlie
D.. Delta
E.. Echo
F.. Foxtrot
G.. Golf
H.. Hotel
I.. India
J.. Juliet
K.. Kilo
L. Lima
M.. Mike
N.. November
O.. Oscar
P.. Papa
Q.. Quebec
R.. Romeo
S.. Sierra
T.. Tango
U.. uniform
W.. Whiskey
X.. X-Ray
Y.. Yankee
Z.. Zulu

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