• 1000 Geheugen kanalen (20 banks x 50 channels)
  • Dekking: 500KHz tot 3GHz
  • Programmeerbaar via PC met optionele kabel en software

 699,- (  577,69 excl. btw)

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De AOR AR8200 Mark III is een scanner die bandbreedtes van 0,53 – 3000MHz ondersteund. De AOR AR8200 werkt in AM, WAM, NFM, FM, WFM, USB, LSB en CW modulatie. 

The AOR AR8200 Mark III sets new standards for wide-range receivers.

  • Prepare to be astounded at the versatility and broad range of features found in the AR8200 Mark III. Unparalleled frequency coverage, superb sensitivity, precision stability from the TCXO, enhanced resistance to intermod, Ni-MH battery power and more!
  • Large Display changes configurations for the mode of operation you select. (see illustrations). Each memory channel can also display up to 12 characters of text. Data Port can be used for computer control, memory configuration and transfer, cloning or tape recording output. (Optional cables required to utilize these features.)
  • Flexible Memory Allocation allows you to add more memory channels to a bank and decrease the number dedicated to another, making memory management more efficient. You can also edit, move, swap and delete memories.
  • Programmable Scan and Search Modes allow you to configure multiple operating profiles for general monitoring or a specific area of interest.
  • MW Bar Antenna captures AM broadcast stations. Antenna has negative feedback and is detachable.
  • Telescoping Main Antenna allows operator to configure length and angle of antenna (up to 90 degrees from vertical) for optimal reception. Far superior to “ducky” antennas. BNC antenna port allows for easy connection to external or mobile antenna systems.
  • Tuning Steps can be programmed in multiples of 50 Hz.
  • Detailed Operating Manual helps you learn the many capabilities of the AR8200 Mark III in a clear, concise fashion.
  • Many “Extras” included with the AR8200 Mark III: Ni-MH batteries, wall charger, auto (cigar lighter) power cable, telescoping antenna, MW bar antenna, belt clip, carry strap and manual.
  • Free Memory Control Software makes it easy to manage 1,000 alphanumeric memory channels, 40 search banks, 2 VFOs and all mode reception. Available for download from

Download here the AR8200-MK3 Brochure

Features & Specifications:

  • New TCXO for greater stability – performance not found in most desktop units!
  • Covers 500 KHz ~ 3 GHz – world’s first handheld with this range!*
  • Ni-MH batteries included (1800mAH)
  • 1,000 memory channels (20 banks X 50 channels)
  • 40 search banks
  • 2 VFOs
  • Alphanumeric channel and bank labels
  • Computer control and programming. (requires optional connection cable)
  • Download free control software from AOR web site!
  • “All Mode” reception includes “super narrow” FM plus wide and narrow AM in addition to USB, LSB, CW and standard AM and FM modes
  • True carrier reinsertion in USB and LSB modes. Includes 3 KHz SSB filter!
  • Detachable MW antenna with negative feedback
  • Optional internal slot cards expand the Mark III’s capabilities. Choose from Memory Expansion (up to 4,000 memories), CTCSS Squelch & Search, and Tone Eliminator
  • Tuning steps programmable in multiples of 50 Hz in all modes
  • 8.33 KHz airband step is correctly supported
  • Noise limiter and attenuator
  • Band activity “scope” display with “save trace” capability
  • Four-way side panel rocker switch allows one-hand operation
  • Large, backlit, multifunction display and illuminated keypad
  • Battery Save function with Low Battery indicator
  • Operates on 12 VDC external power
  • BNC antenna connector
  • Wide choice of accessories
  • Receive frequency range: 500 KHz – 3 GHz (Cellular Blocked for US version)
  • Receive modes: WFM, NFM, SFM, WAM, AM, NAM, USB, LSB, CW
  • Freq. step: 17 different steps including 1 MHz
  • Sensitivity:
    500 KHz – 1.9 MHz AM 3.5 uV (10dB S/N)
    1.9 – 30 MHz AM 2.0 uV (10dB S/N)
    30 – 470 MHz AM 1.5 uV (10dB S/N)
    NFM 0.85uV (12 dB SINAD)
    WFM 1.0 uV (12 dB SINAD)
    470 – 1,040 MHz NFM 0.8 uV (12 dB SINAD)
    1,040 – 2,040 MHz NFM 4.5 uV (12dB SINAD)
    2,040 – 3,000 MHz NFM 14 uV (12dB SINAD)
  • Selectivity: SSB/NAM 3 KHz (-6dB) / 9 KHz (-40dB)
    AM/SFM 9 KHz(-6dB) / 20 KHz (-40dB)
    WAM/NFM 12 KHz(-6dB) / 25 KHz (-40dB)
    WFM 150 KHz(-3dB) / 380 KHz (-20dB)
  • Antenna connector: BNC
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Audio Output: 120 mW (8 ohm) 10% THD
  • Power requirement: 9 – 16 V DC
  • Current Drain: 190mA at rated output(120mW audio output)
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 50 degrees (C) 23 to 144 degrees (F)
  • Dimensions: 61(W) x 143(H) x 39 (D) (mm) Projections excluded
  • Weight: Approx. 340 g (12 oz) Approx.

Optioneel verkrijgbare accessoires voor de AOR AR8200 MKIII

AOR 8200PC computer aansluitkabel met 9-Pins connector voor een seriële poort

ARC-8200 V2 AOR AR8200 scanner software

AOR DC-8200 Autolader voor AR-8200

Inhoud verpakking

  • 1x AOR AR8200 draagbare scanner
  • 1x AOR Telescopische antenne   
  • 1x Middengolf (MW) staafantenne
  • 1x EU AC-oplader
  • 1x Sigaretten aansteker-adapterkabel
  • 1x Riemclip
  • 1x Draagband  
  • 4x NiMH 1800 mAh batterijen
  • 1x Gebruikershandleiding in het Engels

Opmerking: de fabriekshandleiding is van AR8200 maar heeft een bijlage voor de AOR AR8200MK3. Raadpleeg dit document voor de werkelijke specificaties.





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